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foliage color Illustration for An Invitation to Talk About the Mikveh

by Tziporah Hait

The second time I ever went to the Mikveh stands out in my mind. I was nervous and hesitant and felt like a vulnerable novice. Would I bump into someone I knew on the way? Would I remember what to do? Would it be awkward if I recognized someone in the waiting area? Anxiously, I entered what I was only half certain was the entrance to the mikveh.

I was greeted by raucous noise and laughter. For a moment I was not sure I had come to the right place. I had remembered the Mikveh being quiet, with everyone taking care of their own private needs.

We’re not making him famous because he’s a terrific human being that should be lauded. Because he isn’t. We’re making him famous so that his name tells a cautionary tale.
This is a story of abuse of power within halakha. It's the story of abuse of marriage and everything it stands for. It’s a story that doesn’t have a happy ending. Yet.
Eden focuses our attention on reaching out to others, on giving voice to the pain we bring to the mikveh, on mikveh as a place of connection and closeness, and on building strong marriages based on communication and mutual respect. But this story is what happens when that goes very very wrong. And we can not stand by and allow that to happen within our community. Otherwise, we have are not really made mikveh a wellspring for every woman in the community.
Adina Porat has been separated from her husband for eight years. She was left alone, with
no financial support, to raise their five children. David Porat left Israel, moved to America, changed his name to Eli Shur and began a new life. Adina, by contrast, is chained.
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Now share her story. Tweet her story #freeadina. And together, let’s make David Porat/Eli Shur famous.

Another call to action: write to the webpage that lists him as a life coach. Simply bombard them at
Here are a few examples of what you could write:

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