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Mikvah Connections: The Links Between Yom Kippur and Women's Immersions A Review of Food For Spirit b Rabbi Shmuel HerzfeldWhen a large portion of the Yom Kippur Avoda revolved around the Kohen Gadol (High Priest) there were no less than five mikvah immersions as part of the ritual. Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld's new book "Food for the Spirit: Inspirational Lessons from the Yom Kippur Service" has a chapter devoted to the topic. In it, Rabbi Herzfeld, whose synagogue Ohev Shalom- The National Synagogue (in Washinton DC,) recently built a new mikveh, asks why mikvah is so central to the Avoda and what is the spiritual value of Mikvah? He goes on to explore the value of mikvah as a symbol of being "reborn and invigorated in our service of God," suggesting that ideally after immersion we come out as someone new. He also discusses how mikvah in general is a ritual where the individual immersing gets a fresh start or is recommitting to a relationship- on Yom Kippur to Hashem, for a woman- to her relationship.
May his thoughts inspire us. Gmar Chatima Tova!
To explore these and other ideas further, check out the book. Proceeds help fund the Ohev Shalom mikvah.

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