Transf­­­­­­orming the mikvah from a mere ritual location into a hub that celebrates, empowers and enhances Jewish womanhood by combining resources for body, mind and soul.

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Combining a clean welcoming and beautiful mikvah with spa, gym and beauty facilities.



Providing the resources that women need to help them meet their assorted needs.

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No matter what our stage in life, we owe a lot to our mothers! This Mother's Day, honor an important woman with a donation to the Eden Center.
With any donation your loved one will receive a certificate stating that a donation was made in their honor for Mother's Day.

NIS 180 - Dedicate a blog entry post on the Eden website
NIS 500 - Dedicate a niddah refresher course session
NIS 1000 - Dedicate an Eden Center lecture
NIS 2750 - Dedicate one scholarship for the Eden Center's Advanced Madrichot Kallot Course

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Recently there was an article in Israel Hayom about the program we run in Beit Shemesh. Here is the response from the facilitator, Gloria Mosenkis, and our director, Naomi Marmon Grument.


As one of the facilitators of the program featured in the article “Mikveh attendants trained to spot battered ultra-Orthodox women” about which Itsik Saban wrote on Sunday, April 26, 2015, I feel obligated to correct some significant errors in the article.

Most importantly, the statement in the article, “The attendants who chose to join the program have been trained to report cases of women who are subject to domestic violence…” is fundamentally wrong. The attendants do not report to the police, rather, they have been trained to identify victims and offer access to valuable resources for those women. Their goal is to maintain the mikveh as a safe and caring space, where abused women need not fear being “reported,” with all of the accompanying possible repercussions in their lives. Nor are we looking to "catch" or "report" abusive men, but rather to help and empower women in an untenable situation. The training gives attendants the skills to reach out to victims in a sensitive and appropriate fashion, which respects their boundaries while providing life-saving information.

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